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Cost of Living Calculations for Global Relocations

Xpatulator's sophisticated cost of living calculators provide essential data for informed decision-making.

Basic Cost of Living Calculators

Provides you with calculators and tools focused on salary purchasing power parity and cost of living allowances, ideal for comparing the cost-of-living between our 780 global locations and calculating a purchasing power parity salary or an allowance to compensate for cost of living, hardship differences between global locations.


Basic Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator (Free)

Quickly estimate the basic salary needed to maintain your lifestyle in a new city. Use your current salary to compare whether an offer is higher or lower than what you earn now, in terms of purchasing power. Ideal for initial relocation assessments.

Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator

Ensure fair compensation across borders by accurately determining the salary needed in different locations, considering cost of living, hardship, tax and exchange rate variations. Don't let purchasing power disparities impact your workforce – empower your business with equitable salaries, ensuring your employees have a similar standard of living worldwide!

Cost of Living Allowance Calculator

Maximize employee satisfaction and retention by providing employees with the means to maintain a consistent standard of living across diverse locations. Our COLA report precisely calculates the additional allowance required in different locations, to compensate for higher cost of living, hardship, and exchange rate variations, making it ideal for short-term assignments.

Arbitrage Exchange Rate Tool

Optimize your cost of living calculations with Xpatulator's Arbitrage Exchange Rate Tool! Understand the crucial role of exchange rates in determining cost of living, and how our tool, leveraging arbitrage principles, ensures accuracy by calculating each currency against a single benchmark. Stay ahead of market fluctuations with daily updates, providing you with a reliable and precise approach to managing the impact of exchange rates on your international assignments and expatriate compensation strategies.

Premium Calculators and Report Generation

Provides you with access to all of our calculators and tools, for all 780 global locations, with all available premium features, such as team accounts, API access, unlimited report storage, and the hypothetical tax tool. Premium provides you with access to the powerful cost of living index calculator, enabling you to create detailed customised cost of living indexes for all locations using the home bases of your choice. Premium also provides you with access to the international assignment management calculator, an essential global mobility tool for calculating all elements of an expatriation package using the buildup methodology for all locations.


Cost of Living Indexes Calculator

Transform your global decision-making with our COLI Calculator! Choose any base city or country to calculate precise cost of living indexes for 780 global locations, utilizing 13 baskets for comprehensive comparisons. Make informed choices by leveraging accurate and customizable cost of living differences, ensuring salary planning and budgeting align seamlessly with your unique needs.

International Assignment Management Calculator

Unlock the potential of international assignments with our comprehensive International Assignment Management report! Seamlessly manage the intricacies of expatriate transfers by utilizing the proven build-up/balance sheet/home-based approach. Our report, tailored for Global Mobility and Global Human Resources professionals, provides a clear roadmap for fair and financially viable international assignments. With detailed calculations covering salary, benefits, tax, cost of living, and more, ensure consistent and equitable treatment for all expatriate assignees, promoting a user-friendly reward structure. Elevate your global mobility strategy and confidently navigate the complexities of international assignments from 6 months to 5 years duration, fostering success in diverse family scenarios.

Hypothetical Personal Income Tax Tool

Optimize global workforce management with our Hypothetical International Tax Rate Tool! Determine the Home Net Salary and the Home Country Hypothetical Tax Rate for any country worldwide, ensuring tax equalization and preventing employees from being better or worse off due to home-host country tax variations. Achieve fair and consistent compensation with precision, setting the stage for successful international assignments.

Premium Features

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